Linux Mail Server

Setting up a mail server using Linux is really easy. Making sure it is accessible on the Internet and is secure is another matter.

We will provide basic instruction on setting up a Linux mail server based on the Whitebox distribution which is a clone of a popular US distribution. Releases 3 and 4 will be covered but you should be able to take that information and use it for other distributions.

Two mail (SMTP) servers will be documented sendmail and postfix. 

Three IMAP servers will be documented WU-imap, Dovecot, and Courier IMAP.

Also, instructions on setting up a mail server with Spamassassin, Antivirus, and as a mail proxy will be covered.

I’ll mention this now, in order for these instructions to work, you need a domain and a proper DNS entry for your domain. A real domain, will be used in these instructions.

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