Reducing Number Of Machines

I am still looking to reduce the number of servers on my network.

Critical servers, so not counting desktops and media servers.

Also I am planning my network around a single important Linux server, that has DHCP, DNS and other things for initial access. Then start up other servers afterwards, in a particular order.

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Soon A Vacation

Had a lot going on today, and I got a lot done at work in the morning.

In the afternoon went to see my son in Track, then went to his concert afterwards.

I need a break, got a big weekend, luckily I have 3 days off.

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Updating MediaWiki

What a pain but I was able to struggle through it.

I was on CentOS 5 running some ancient version of Media Wiki (1.11 something)

After a series of upgrades here and there, I was finally able to get it to a version that I believe will run on CentOS 7.

Spinning up a CentOS 7 instance now to test it out.

Another amazing thing I got done today was get a couple of more sensor at home up and running and added to my network.

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Going Around Renton Tech

Took the dog around Renton Tech today, finally got a bit moving.

Back still hurting but it is a start.

I need to get more of these walks in, start moving more.

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Very Tired As I post this

Earlier in the day I found out my body did not need the MMR shot.

At work we go a new engineer working on a project.

Had an arduino meetup and am tire

Need to sleep.

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Game of Thrones Ending

Today watched the final episode of the final season.

I think it was trying to wrap up loose ends.

Season went way to quick, I think the needed to do 10 episodes and clean up the end.

Well got spin offs to look forward to. But cancelling my HBO subscription.

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Another Three Way Day

One daughter went to districts for track another continued her quest for districts in tennis.

Finally my son had bike club.

So had a bunch of things today.

After that wife came home and we watched John Wick 3.

Really tired now.

Ready for bed.

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Allergies Weaken Me

That time of year when my nose bleeds and eyes water and wheeze more.

Not much I can do but take meds

But am headed for a real camping trip in two weeks.

super excited.

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Too Busy To Advance

Been so busy with things, I keep forgetting to continue with my business plans.

Got too much going on and it is confusing.

To make things worse, I am not moving as fast due to my back.

Wish things were better.

One thing I discovered today was that my shots are not up to date. I know I got shots in the military, but their efficacy may be nil since it was so long ago.

Also may need more shots due to a planned trip.

Another thing I was dealing with today was shipping out a bunch of boxes to the Philippines.

There may be a leak in our van.

See told you been busy.

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Fast USB Drive

Moved the old drive MSATA drive in to a USB container.

Hoping to get a fast booting and small drive to do my work, maybe even a small Linux Mint drive.

Before I format it though, I will make sure the old computer works.

Speaking of the new drive, I had to use clonezilla to make use of the entire drive, but needed to use mint, not the native gparted.

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