Is There A Place For A Home Server

Been asking myself in this day and age of cloud, does it make sense to host a server at home for personal use?

For me personally I am truly using it, zoneminder, file server, plex server.

But if there are alternatives like cloud and a NAS appliance (ok I still call it a server), why would one set up an x86 machine nowadays at home?


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OK Plumber Was Worth It

Yes the plumber was a lot, but there is cost and there is price.

Faucet no longer leaks, it was done right and another problem in the house (don’t want to get in to it here) was fixed.

Had a meetup today, and PT as well.  Been busy.

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Circuits Getting Tripped

Rain tripped some things around the house.

Sucks because pretty sure the rain is triggering a short, and the short is causing the GFI to trip.

Keeping an eye on things, but now I have to reset either the circuit or GFI.


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Office 70% clean

Spent the last day and couple hours cleaning up my office.

It looks ok now.

My desk is actually functional.

But going up and down stairs kind of hurt me.

Hope to get better.

Also set servers to auto patch.  Kind of worked.

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Deferred Interest

I posted about 14 months ago that we got a washer and dryer (and a camera) using a 0% credit card loan.

New Washer and Dryer

Read a little more on the terms, and it has something called deferred interest.

The link is for someone in a 12 month term.  Mine is a 24 month term.  In short, if you do not pay off the complete balance when the term ends (or if you miss the minimum payment), the whole interest is due, from the time you start the loan, NOT from when the term ends.

I am not caught of guard, just wanted to call this out.  Good news is I got 10 more months to pay off exactly $300 left on the financing.   So if I pay $50 a week, this thing will get easily paid off in January some time, months before it is due.

Hit the gym today, wow am I weak.  It was hard benching JUST the bar.


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Now I Am Motivated for RnR

Signed my daughter of for Rock and Roll 2019.  There was a sale on registration today, but now I feel committed.

Going to work harder to get myself right.

Today I had PT, but need to get my back STRONG.

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New Keyboard

OK, so a keyboard is not that great of something to review, but I heard of das keyboard being a good one.

I finally got a hold of one, and it seems durable.

Its a a loud keyboard, but feels good.


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Cleaning Up Some Wiring

One of the things that got out of hand was some wiring I had around my desktop.

Before I can start making videos again I needed to clean it up.

Also had to figure out how all this is going to work with two monitors.

In the end, it is cleaned up a bit.  It is functional.


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Sink Still Leaks

Yesterday I mentioned that I went through a lot to get the sink going.

Today, we noticed it was still leaking.

Big frustration there.

Did have PT today, felt sore, pain from doing sink not worth it, hiring someone now.

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Escalating Repair

Wow, today I tried to replace our bathroom sink faucet.

It escalated…

Removing it was OK, then came the problems…

First the water supply lines were too short.  Easy, just get an extension, unfortunately such a tube does not exist.

So I had to MacGuyver a fix using brass adapters.

I got it in, but during the twisting and adjusting, the old line feeds broke.  And this was a type of line that was permanently fixed, there was no way to replace the line.

So I had to figure out how to stop the water so I can replace the fixtures and test for leaks.

All this and it supposed to take only 1 hour, but ran to 6.

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