Captain Marvel

Had a date night today. Watched Captain Marvel.

Was good Excited for Avengers Endgame

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Back Getting A Little Better

I feel like the improvements on my back is proceeding much slower.

It feels a little better but not much different from yesterday.

Went to look for a new bike and I knew I would not be able to even get on to see it fit.

Hope my back heals soon.

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Morning OK Evening Not So Much

Woke up this morning and the pain was not that bad, I was even able to go and swim 12 laps today.

Unfortunately as I post this my back has tightened up again and I am hurting.

Also would like to note I am working through upgrading our firewall.

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Home Monitoring

Looking for a way to have a pi monitor the home via nagios and work without a network connection.

Also would like it to monitor wifi, bluetooth and other things.

Need to see if I can get a new SIM for a GSM hat.

Went in to work today, really hurt.

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Rest To Heal

Usually I rest to recover, this time I am resting to heal.

Back is sore still. I did go to doctor today, and it is not my spine.

It is muscles.

At least getting better each day.

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Still in pain

My body is still sore, a little better, but called in sick to work, will probably call in sick again tomorrow.

On the CentOS front

I did it, this site is on PHP7 7.1

It was kind of hard technically and physically, I am hurting and it is hard to sit.

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PHP On CentOS 7

There is too much going on when upgrading PHP on CentOS 7. I ended up rolling back and will look at building a new machine.

Also not sure about my back, don’t know if it is more sore or not.

It is on and off.

Hoping tomorrow to get a better handle on my back.

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Lot Went Wrong Today

OK, time for some lessons learned from today’s biking

First off, a status, I am really hurt, really really hurt. This is a few hours after my accident.

It is going to get worse before it gets better.

  • We need a back rack of some sort
  • I need a knew bike, its too high, causing me to get hurt.
  • My son needs a new shifter.
  • Was too cold, needed gloves.

Thank God someone was there to help me, I was able to walk my bike back to the van, about a mile.

But right now, future does not bode well.

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Upgrading Site to PHP 7

Not sure what will happen to this site, will definitely create a backup before doing it.

Looking to do it this weekend some time.

But been a little busy with other things, like getting ready to bike.

Did hit 10000 steps and 10 floors, kind of hurting.

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Being Schooled By My Youngest

My youngest son sure did show me couple things today regarding video editing.

He does know his stuff.

Feeling good with him helping me out with videos.

Swam today, and also attended a track meet.

Kind of beat.

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