Long Day, Also long fitbit

What a long day, didn’t sleep well last night, my Excel started acting up so I spent a good junk troubleshooting.

Continued this morning. Everything was delayed.

Ended up being a graphics hardware acceleration issue in Excel. The latest update removed that option. Had to modify registry


Then I had a doctor appointment, and led to a workout. And another workout.

Noticed I clocked over 16000 steps today.

Am super tired, but things are done, I can actually relax.

Weight is under 330 again so 3 day run restarts. Also after my workout I weighed in at 325.2

Weight: 329.0

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Fitbit Challenge

Got my wife to commit to the fitbit challenges.

We both hit 12000 steps and she got there before I did.

Hoping she sticks with it for at least a month to see some results.

So I made it the month of June, 12000 steps and 10 floors even when on vacation.

Weight going down.

Weight: 330.0

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Vacation Summary

This was a good weekend, so I need to recap a bit.

Left Saturday and went up via Highway 2 to first stop off at Leavenworth. Ate some food there and did some shopping. Got to the hotel too late to get dinner, but did get some food from Safeway.

Sunday was our first full day there, kind of did not know what to do, in a small town like Chelan, the places close early. But we did start off the day with a margarita and a daiquiri. Got drunk and after walking town went to take a nap. We got dinner from the Hotel Restaurant, definitely overpaid.

Monday was the best, went hiking, casino (won $300), swimming in the pool, and had a great bar b que dinner from a wine tasting place.

Tuesday we packed up, always sad the day you have to return. Normal route was blocked by something, so took a longer route. Note to future self, if you gonna drink water, make sure you got a place to pee. Ate a huge dinner, and went to casino again, won about $26 better than losing.

With last night’s heavy dinner, I knew I was gonna be heavy. Note though after my workout I was under 330, but below is my morning weight. I did get my fitbit goals in, very close to the end, compressed into 2 hours.

As a final note, during this whole time I did not take ambien, got my fitbit goals in, and did not midnight snack.

Weight: 331.4

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Another Good Day

Quick post, but returned from Chelan today. Was able to meet my fitbit goals.

Also noted that I did keep my weight under 330

Weight: 329.4

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Busy Vacation Day

I like to relax when I am vacation, but today I had energy.

First thing we did was go to a bakery near where we were staying and had some breakfast.

Then we went walking on this long route, I swear it should have gotten all my steps, but looking at my watch it was only about 3500 (one way)

Its an interesting route where you start from the sun and go to various signs that have the different from Mercury to Venus to Earth all the way to Neptune, ok pluto.

Start from the Sun
End at Pluto

That started the day right. Ended the walk with Ice Cream.

After that we went to the 12 tribes casino and won.

Then found a Wine Tasting Bar B Que place. That was fun.

Did a bit of pool swimming.

And walked the balance of my 12000 steps to get milk shake and ice cream.

Now relaxing on balcony with win and dinner.

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Walking Around

You know what is cool, being able to walk around during my vacation.

All this walking I have been doing is actually helping during my vacation.

Posting early because going to enjoy my trip.

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Ready… Set… Start Vacation

OK just an extended weekend getaway. But going partially offline for a bit.

Already got 6000 steps in, not sure if fitbit will record till I get back online.

I should be able to post, but wanted to get in early.

So rules are thrown out a bit, or put on hold. Late night snacking, ambien, no 10 floors are 12k steps is OK for today, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.

Will update post if I hit my fitbit goals.

Edit: Made my fitbit goals

Weight: 326.2

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Vacation – Kinda

Going for a weekend get away tomorrow. Wont see work till Wednesday.

Kind of excited to get out of here and recharge.

The bonus is that after this week, I will have another 3 day weekend.

Full disclosure, tomorrow I will try to get my 12000 steps, but Sun to Tue I am not committed. Furthermore I am allowed to eat bad.

Weight: 327.4

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Last Minute Goal Making

Should procrastinate less then maybe I can make my goals with less pressure at the end of the day.

Still it was hot, the evening was more amicable to running.

Weight: 329.8

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Personal Trainer Checkup

Had my monthly PT checkup today. She was impressed with my weight loss.

Officially, on her scale is am under 330.

I had her look up my lowest weight she saw me at, it was 293 lbs. So that is the goal, or at least I will not quit the program till I am under that amount.

So tired though.

Weight: 329.6

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