Mentally Need A Break

Kind of pushing hard, even today.

Not getting much done and I am really scatter brained.

Did get the parts for a second node, but apparently I need parts for a master node as well.

I am going to keep that the Raspberry Pi with 8GB and the desktop case.

Got a lot of docker playing around today.

Need to get in to Kubernetes though.

Weight: 317.6

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Pushing Through Workout

I am proud with what happened today in my workout.

I could have given up because I was not able to get on a machine. IT would have been a legit excuse. But as I was wrapping up my workout, the machines freed up and I was able to get my last workout in and redo my cooldown stretch.

Weight: 318.6

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Pi Node Final Assembly

Got a one of my pi nodes fully built.

Pi Node Fully Assembled

One of the things I needed to make were a bunch of plates.

Plate Template

I started with a template but did the 5 I needed all at a time.

Duct Tape Holds Them Still

After I was done I tested it out with what I got

Various Pi Setup

Another thing I needed were some fasteners

Some Fasteners Needed

The top left were Philips Pan Head 2-56 1/2″ screws

The section below it contains matching nuts

The top nylon standoffs were some random ones I found around the house, I did not like them. The nylon standoffs below it I did use but had a limited supply, but enough.


The metal and nylon washers are M3 ones that are easy to find.

The top left screws are hard drive screws but found that it is better to use M.3 and were 6mm long. It fit better.

Ran Cedar River 18:08.73

Could be better.

Weight: 317.4

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Slow To Get Going Glad I Got Going

Today was one of those days I was busy with work. So busy when it was time to work out I was worn out.

The first 10 minutes on the treadmill was brutal. Although I did not increase the speed at any time during my treadmill run, I did up the incline. It was something.

So tired in the end. But glad I got it done.

I think earlier sleep may be the key.

Also had some weird charges on our credit card, glad we are not liable.

Weight: 317.2

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Mounting board for Node

I am working on a mounting board for my pi cluster.

Will post a picture later on.

Also, going to create a detailed blog on my other site

There is more traction on my project, need more detailed info then a simple blog post.

Weight: 317.2

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First Pi Node Running

Got the first node running. Kind of interesting in that you need to boot from SD card and configure it to be able to boot from USB. I don’t think you can go completely back where you cannot boot from USB, but you can still boot from SD card unlike older Pis.

Here is how it looks when I tried to boot. This is off another Pi I had

Boot from Pi no SD Card
This boot had A6 Boot Order
So I could change boot order

So I was able to have it completely boot from USB and over PoE.

We will see how this goes.

Weight: 316.8

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Pi Boot From USB

Can’t believe it took me a while to get boot from USB working.

System seems really fast now it is coming from a SATA SSD.

Although I hate the Pi 4 change in power supply and HDMI port, one of its redeeming qualities is the boot from USB (Pi 3B+ does it as well) and have UASP support which makes disks perform better via the USB3 port.

Also today I put together the first node for my cluster

Parts for a single node

From Amazon

  • Raspberry Pi 4GB w/ heat sink 62.99
  • PoE Hat 25.00
  • Kingston 120GB SSD 24.99
  • Adapter Cable 8.99

Total $121.97

Yikes, cheaper to get a thin client.

The MicroSD card was not needed because I will be booting from USB, but if you were keeping score it was 34.66

First Node for Pi CLuster

The PoE hat fits nicely.

As for the vaccine, I did feel terrible, didnt get much done today.

Weight: 318.2

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Vaccine Side Effects

OK this is real, side effects from the Vaccine.

Feeling sick, body sore, I think it is supposed to last two days, so another day of this.

Keeping post short, I am hurting.

Weight: 316.2

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Good Friday 2021

Another season of Lent coming to an end. Made it, did not midnight snack nor did I take ambien.

I will eat tonight, it does fall out of lent, but I fasted all day. I did workout earlier because I knew I would burn out.

Every time I participate in Good Friday Fasting, I need to focus because thoughts of food creep in (that is actually part of the point) also being hungry impacts my focus on other things like work.

It gets worse and worse as I close in on midnight. As I type this blog post I see more and more errors.

Another thing today, and it is a good thing, is I got the Corona Virus Vaccine. Specifically the Johnson and Johnson one.

They said it will be 28 days before I am considered fully vaccinated, in short, May 1.

It is 10:30 and I did do a late weigh in. Came in at 314.8


Weight: 319.4

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April Fools 2021

Glad a lot of orgs decided not to do any funny business and keep it serious.

Couple quick notes

Goals for Summer

Established some goals I want to achieve before End of Summer, mentioned some of them a few days ago.

Here are a few more

  • Raspberry Pi Cluster
  • Dockerize Services
  • ML using Nano Jetson
  • Finish Camera Upgrades
  • Document Nagios
  • Get new Pi 433mhz reciever transmitter working
  • 3D Print Perfect Cube

There are more, but this is a small list I wanted to publish.

Cross Country Part 1 Done?

Son ran his last XC race for the season, weird that in a few months a new season starts but it is still in 2021. So I cannot say this was his last race of the year.

End of Lent

Worried about tomorrow, gonna fast. Packing it a bit today though. Hoping to make it. Did make the goal of not midnight snacking or any Ambien.

Going to sleep early, tomorrow going to be a long one starting with an early workout.

Nagios Event Handlers

Got event handlers working in Nagios. Was simple, but it deals with some service I have going down.

Nagios is so cool.

Weight not so bad

Weight: 318.0

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