Lowering The Bar

Need to restart somewhere, so I am working on doing 10,000 steps and 10 floors.

I got it done today, so lets see if I can keep it up.

Another thing is the midnight snacking, that stops.

Giving myself 100 days

Weight: 338.6

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New Start

Last day of the month, tomorrow going to start seriously working out again.

Still debating if I should do 10 floors and 10k steps a day.

But working out in the gym and swimming should suffice.

Got my JBOD up and everything is connected and works. Unfortunately one of the sleds is damaged.

Weight: 338.6

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New Shoes May Do It

Got new shoes today, and new inserts. Maybe that is what I needed.

Something like this may be a trigger to get me moving.

Been tired a lot lately, also haven’t been really sleeping long.

Weight: 338.8

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Got a lot done

Accomplished most of what I set out to do. But I did not finish cleaning the garage.

I got the table done, but I lost some steam.

So house looks like a disaster zone although I got a lot done.

Need a break, gonna sleep well tonight.

Weight: 339.8

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Time To Get Serious

Wow weighed in pretty high today, I suspect tomorrow I will be heavy again too.

I need to focus on losing weight. But this weekend I committed to getting a list of things done. One of them was to clean garage and I knew that was going to take a lot out of me.

But I did take care of some other things, I replaced batteries on a lock, helped my son move boxes and a huge one, get storage on my ESXi host installed.

That is huge because that signals that I am ready to go into production.

But that is another goal. I really want to get trough this weekend with the last few things to do.

Then I will charge into weight loss and migration.

Weight: 341.0

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Shrimp Trip 2023

Went to get shrimp today, in the past we left at 9:20PM and got there by 11 at opening, but this is Saturday so we should have left at 8:45.

But we did get there in time and had a decent order.

Was really tired though, when got home. Needed some sleep.

Weight: 337.4

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Building New Front End to Nagios

Found this new front end called statusengine to nagios.

I am looking at it and trying to see how to install it on Rocky 9.

Like this kind of stuff, it pushes me to learn new things.

Weight: 336.3

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Starting Garage Cleanup

Three day weekend coming up, and I got plans.

I plan to clean up the garage.

It is in dire straights.

I went through it a bit today and it is clear I need to gut the garage then bring things in one at a time.

There are a few things I am scheduled to do, but in general I am committing a bunch of time to the garage.

Weight: 335.4

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Cleaning Up Closet Connections

I had goal to clean up some wired connections in my closet.

I did it and it looks better but not great.

At least this I made use the 3D printed stuff I worked on.

Weight: 335.0

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Good Timing Today

You know how some days you have bad timing, today was one of those with good timing.

I got my 3D printer restarted right before the tree trimmers came and my meeting were done and tree trimmers were done right before my PT. I got to my PT in the nick of time and after that got to HOA meeting (ok they did not attend) and I got home in time to finish some scheduled work and watch a movie or two with my wife.

Busy but great timing.

Weight: 335.4

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