Maui Trip 2024 Recap

This was a fun trip. the main reason was to meet with friends and show my wife Maui again.

The trip was OK, lets start with the flight there, we boarded HAL Flight 29 at about 10:00 AM Thursday. We left the house about 8:15 and made it there on time. Apparently the way I paid with my Hawaiian Air Credit card allowed for free luggage. Seatac is Seatac, security sucks even for a guy that works there. But we got through and had some time to rest. Flight itself was 5 1/2 hours, I downloaded a bunch of stuff on my phone via Spotify and Youtube Premium. Wife didn’t know and she had to settle on sleep. Side note, seems like downloads require a Wifi connection. Another thing was my watch died, I think the stopwatch took up too much juice.

Once we landed we got our Rental car and to zippy’s where I charged my watch then went to Costco. We got our Hawaii resupply shopping done early. Car was a OK a white Nissan Sentra, glad it wasn’t a Kia anything.

We went to West Maui to check in at our hotel, the Aston Mahana at Kaanapali, wow our room was much larger than we were used to. Beautiful view, comfortable deck. 10th floor, was nice.

We went to the really nearby Times Supermarket to stock up on a few things, and I was reminded how expensive things were.

For 18 eggs it was 11.50 and a gallon of milk was 7.30

Noticed there were a row of food trucks, two things struck me when we were there, the place was clean, and there were a lot of food trucks.

I went into detail on our Friday, but to summarize, we did a lot.

Iao needle gave my quite a bit of floors for my fitbit

Saturday we stayed on the west side not wanting to venture too far. We walked the beach and shopped. Got a good view of my Molokai Home

I did make it back in time to finish my 10k steps and post on my blog.

Going home was well timed as well, got up around 6, had breakfast packed, got a bunch of steps in. Checked out and left the hotel at 10:30. We had a few more things to do though before headed back, good for my future self.

  • Easy unrushed drive back to Central Maui after checking out at 10:30
  • Got a lot of steps done
  • Got Poke and final things from Foodland
  • A take out meal to eat on the plane (that was such a good idea)
  • Fuel up before returning car.

We reached the airport at 12:30 with 2 1/2 hours to spare. We got through security really quick and found our gate and chilled out for 90 minutes while I got the balance of my steps done. Note that I got all my floors at the hotel, I climbed up 11 floors (1 to 12 is 11 floors) and it only gave my 2 floors, so I redid stopping to check on my floors at each floor to insure I got what I climbed.

To me the foot room we paid extra was worth it, another trip not needed the belt extension.

Flight attendant was really nice. Anyway good trip.

One of the things I wanted to do on the trip was to trigger some memories, and get my brain to recall stuff. For the most part it did.

Got my steps done today, weight is less then I expected, totally thought I was going to be over 350.

Weight: 347.4

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Digital Nomad

Kind of cool being able to post while on vacation. Feeling like a digital nomad

Digital Nomad

Doing an early post, I may not make my fitbit goals for today, especially the steps. Ironically it is because I am travelling, but I think steps were one of the exceptions. Here is the deal, I am in Hawaii and Traveling back to Washington so I lose 3 hours due to a time zone change.

Then there are the 5 hours of being on the plane. Our flight is at 3PM HST so by the time we land it will be 11PM, and with unloading and the like, no way I cannot get my steps.

I will try though. Note I am marking my fit bit is done and will edit if I do not make it.

Curious how much weight I gained.

Tomorrow will recap.

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David Malo Day 2024

It was gonna be good, if anything a rush of old memories and meeting friends.

But this was the first time I was in the audience and not a participant.

This whole trip was nostalgia.

Doing a quick post to make the deadline.

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Long Full Unrushed Day

Woke up early today on Maui, did quite a bit. Its been a while since I posted, yesterday I barely made it to 10,000 steps before midnight PST. Technically I only need to get it to midnight HST so I had 4 more hours. One hiccup yesterday was my watching dying on the flight so I lost some steps.

Today was better, had a full day to do whatever.

First off, woke up early, still in Washington time.

Watched whales breech, while we had breakfast.

Then went walking around the hotel, got some steps there.

We did hike up the stairs and got some but not all floors. For every 1.5 floors it gave me 1.

Then we went to Lahaina Cannery mall where we out my buddy Sam, and went into the mall to check it out. The Safeway I used to work at was still there but two others were long gone. we also went to Longs Drug store to find my Wife’s lipstick. She found some but not in the color she wanted.

Then we headed to Central Maui, on the way we got some Coconut, kind of pricey at $15.

First stop was Maui Mall where we had some Guri Guri forzen treat. What memories. Cash only but cheap at $4.oo

Then another stop at Longs in that mall, no lipstick.

Then we headed up Iao Needle, what a hick, got the balance of my floor easily there.

We went to Zippy’s for take out, meant to be lunch but we weren’t hungry so we stowed it for dinner. Found some yummy enseymada

Then to Lowe’s to buy a Medium box as “disposable” luggage for Sunday.

Drove to Kihei to check out the scene there, unfortunately not much to see because the beaches were a bit in.

But we did go to our third and Final Long’s and we found the colors she wanted, just 2.

Did a quick stop to Foodland for some Poke, before driving home.

We were going to miss sunset at our deck but caught a lot of it on the drive home.

Will share shots when I get home.

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Leaving for Maui

Posting early, going to be on Hawaii time for the next few days. Looks like Hawaii is 3 hours behind. Need to be aware of that when I post.

I think my fitbit will compensate.

But I think I will get my steps for the day.

Weight: 342.9

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Taxes Filed

Finally done, taxes filed, one last thing to do, pack.

Got most of that done too.

We are prepped and ready to have fun in Hawaii.

Weight: 345.2

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Still No Failing

Walked late, and got home when dark at about 9:10PM Still a lot of time but too tired.

Just want to relax. Tomorrow I must file.

Was a little busy at work, but I am tired.

Weight: 345.0

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Password Auditing

I posed a challenge to the family, if you are on a fresh machine and did not have your phone could you log in?

Things allowed

  • Encrypted vault on a USB Flash Drive
  • Yubikey
  • Another phone
  • Email (but that has to be set up first)

I am going through it myself before seeing if people can do it.

Weight: 344.0

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Taxes Done

Going to do 1 last follow through, but it is what it is.

Done for 2023 taxes.

Anyway maybe should go to bed early

Had a nice walk today too, liking the 8PM sunsets.

Weight: 342.8

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Busy Saturday

Had a track meet today where we donated some Spam Musubi for the fundraiser

Was cool, heard it sold out quickly.

Wanted to post another pic of what my new video bench looks like

Also started taxes today. Tomorrow I will be 90% done (hopefully)

Weight: 344.2

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