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No Gout, Foot Better

Not sure why my foot was how it was, but it totally feels better now. Not 100%, can’t run, but I can move pretty good. I will rest today and tomorrow.  Hope to run again Thursday.  

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Big Scare Today

Woke up this morning and my leg was worse.  Almost like gout, not quite, but close. Actually was on some crutches for the morning.  But as the day went on, I felt myself getting better. I think I am close … Continue reading

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Hurting Not Injured

At least I am not sure I am injured.   Sometimes I can walk, other times it hurts too much. Giving it two more days, before I panic.  I took a week to heal after some long runs.

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Failed Confidence Run

I tried running 14 miles today, I got to 9 before I realized I may be injured, I certainly was hurting. I got some times and stuff, but I am sitting in my room possibly injured. I am going a day … Continue reading

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New Garage Door Sensor

This is the 3rd iteration of my garage door sensor, maybe fourth, I lost track. This one has its issues too, mainly stability.  Seems like there is not enough power.  I did change up to a voltage divider mainly to … Continue reading

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Thought I had Rest Time

I didn’t sleep as early as I wanted to, I still slept late. Worse is today was busy.  Somebody did some mild vandalism in my car.  It is fixable though. I will make another try to sleep early.  Looking at … Continue reading

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Sleep For Real

Going to bed early tonight, I said that for the past few nights yet I stayed up past midnight. Hope to be asleep by 11PM This is one of those days I know I am tired but can’t feel it … Continue reading

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New DSL Line

Wow, got this new DSL line and I get some speed. I was supposed to get a better upload speed though, closer to 40Mbit. Didn’t run today, worked on this DSL most of the evening.  It is delicate.

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Huge Progress

It is amazing how nearly a week of rest did wonders.  I ran a 5k in record time (this year) Time: 52:30 That is a pace I can live with.  If I can maintain that for 90 minutes, I can … Continue reading

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Getting Mileage In

I went outside to try and run today, really didn’t help that I ate before my run. Just walked a lap, adding some pushups and situps. I will go earlier tomorrow, maybe 7:30PM

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