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End of a Great Weekend

Have very little to say about this weekend.  It was more than good, it was incredible, words cannot describe kind of weekend. Basically the weather was awesome. Happy Easter Needed to get that in as well. I think I will … Continue reading

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Step Backwards… Kind of

Recall yesterday I fasted, so I don’t think I had full energy reserves when I ran. Furthermore, on Thursday, I abstained and did not have meat, lighter meal than usual. Fast forward to today, I did the 7 mile Lake … Continue reading

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Good Friday 2013

Another Good Friday is going by, I have fasted the entire day.  I felt some serious hunger pangs around 5PM but am OK now. Have 40 more minutes as I post to make it to midnight when I can eat. … Continue reading

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Another Busy Day

Wow, time just flew by today.  I thought I was going to make it home with time to spare but it was dark by the time I got there. Not much I could do.  Anyway such is life, I am … Continue reading

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Left Knee Hurts

I was on the treadmill today at the gym. I did push it a little hard today, and my left knee started to hurt so I had to slow down. When I did, my knee felt better. Still worried though. … Continue reading

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I Lied

To myself anyway I said I was going to get back to a normal schedule, I dont think that will happen, I am too burned out. I need a nice deep sleep tonight.  I am going to try. Anyway just … Continue reading

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Mom Going Home Tomorrow

My mom is going home tomorrow, it was a fun diversion with her here but it has been taxing on my schedule. Hope to get into a normal sleep schedule again. Was up so late, so tired, did not work … Continue reading

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Resting on Sundays

Normally I do some sort of workout on Sunday’s, but this week has been an unusual one, kind of pushed it with a lot of activities. My mom has been in town for a week now and we have been … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Feel Like Spring

The calendar says spring is here, but sure doesn’t feel like it. Yesterday it snowed and today it is cold yet dry, but after my Lake Washington run, it did seem like good running weather.  Sun was not just peeking … Continue reading

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Gonna Be On TV

People at work wanted to record me for an internal video. It is cool, I get to, I didn’t get to tell my story, but, I think they liked my performance and I will be a person on this quarters … Continue reading

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