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ESP8266 and EEPROM

I was finally able to write to the non volatile memory of an ESP8266. It seemed pretty easy.  I got a data structure to save my network settings.  That little dev platform I have is pretty sweet.  It made things … Continue reading

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Building Stuff In My Office

Got a little comfortable in my office and started doing some work.  The AC, and quiet let me do my work. I wired up a NodeMCU platform. Just doing pushups and situps today, about to go see a movie.

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Room Getting More Organized

It is a comfortable office now. I did a small workout, but am concentrating on my office. After this weekend things should be OK.

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Burned Out

With my hip in pain, plus the little sleep I had the past few days, I decided to just take a break. I cleaned my office a bit. Just doing pushups and situps. I did finally get a C.H.I.P and … Continue reading

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Changing My Office

I moved some stuff around in my office.  It looks a bit more crowded, but the intent was to make it more functional. My seat feels weird, but I have cleared of some desk real estate. Also I am keeping … Continue reading

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Decent Day

Got a lot done today, finally a good one compared to this past weekend. Unlocked my cell phone, got AC installed in my office, actually ran a 1/2 of a 1 lap.  Note that yesterday I did it as well … Continue reading

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Getting My Office Cooled Down

My office has been unbearably hot the past few days, I finally gave in and cracked the window open for the first time in years. Although the daytime it is hot, at night it is pretty cool. I am piping … Continue reading

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Blown Day

We were supposed to go cruising on this beautiful day.  Instead we broke down because our battery drained while we were waiting for our order. I am blaming Jamba Juice a bit here, they screwed up.  Super mad at them … Continue reading

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Dark Day

Although today was a great day to go out, we did our annual Renton River Days visit, it was pretty sad for me. Some of my family members expressed doubt in what I am doing with my Arduino stuff, it … Continue reading

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Star Trek Beyond

Saw Star Trek beyond today, it was OK, I will buy the BluRay, but that is because I like the franchise. I have a feeling it will do good, but not blockbuster status. Ran Cedar River again for the 3rd … Continue reading

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