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Struggling with getting back into rythm

I did a 1000 calorie workout today and it was tough, but I have seen some tough days before.  What made today interesting was the emotional drop I have had after running the 1/2 marathon. Finishing a huge milestone like … Continue reading

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Not particularly motivated today

I tried to have a good workout today but I just could not get moving.  I did do something weird today though, I have not had coffee for several days now and I had some today.  There was about 8oz … Continue reading

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My first solo blog

Well for this site anyway. Started running again, only did one lap jog and one lap run.  Still recovering from the half marathon, I think I should be OK in another two or three days. Son got his braces today … Continue reading

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Closed Out The Old Blog

Time to start a new. Got some new toys today, a cool cell phone.   The T-Mobile HTC HD2.  I am still figuring it out but seems OK.

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Finale for Lazyplayer

Well, I am pretty sure I posted the last page of the lazyplayer blog.  I will monitor for comments in the next week or two but this is my new home. This is a pretty sad moment, but also time … Continue reading

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Looks Like Summer Is Here

On and off, cold and hot.  But I think we are in for a warm spell.  I think I will set up the AC unit tomorrow.

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Getting Paid

One of my customers called today and said that there will be a check waiting for me on Monday.  Woohoo, I am thinking of spending some of it at the Casino.

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Need to Start My Projects

So I know I been working on my weight, now I need to work on my technical skills as well. We are upgrading our system to vSphere from 2.5 so I need to get into gear. Weight: 249.4

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Other blog almost done

And it will be time to really work on this one. No more token posts.

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Getting used to this new site

Feels cumbersome posting to two sites.  I did change the main site of to drupal last night. I like it. Weight: 247.2

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