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This Yoga Is Not Bad

Recall a week ago I thought that time just stood still after 1 hour of yoga, today at least it moved to the 1:15 minute mark. I did feel that good feeling afterwards but geez its a long drive home. … Continue reading

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Still Hard Time Breathing

I don’t know why it is easier for me to breath in hot yoga for 90 minutes than it is to breath  running for 12 minutes. I really feel, if I can get enough air in my lungs, my run … Continue reading

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Unhealthy Eating

Ah, today is a rest day from a brutal week. Spend most of the day enjoying myself with the family at an event called Renton River Days.  It’s a small local event, kids have a small blast, relatively cheap and … Continue reading

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Another Seafair 5k

Last running event of the year. Seafair 2012 Kinda bummed, but I got other things going on. Anyway, I probably could have done better, results are not yet in (as of this post) but I will post it up tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Arduino Chips

Last week I ordered some raw Arduino Atmel328P chips which is the chip that powers the Arduino. These came out to $2.08 each.  Pretty cheap and worth the risk to try. In late March I purchased a USBasp AVR programmer … Continue reading

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Gotta Watch What I Eat

And drink before yoga. I had some noodles and a large iced coffee before I went to yoga not sure what caused it but I was nauseated.  Felt like barfing during yoga and towards the end I had to pee … Continue reading

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Feeling Dizzy Suddenly

Whoa, something is wrong with me, maybe I need some sleep. But I was sitting at my computer this evening and BOOM suddenly felt dizzy like I was drinking. But the weird thing is I felt like I retained my … Continue reading

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My First Real Yoga

Yes, I made it into Yoga today, and I am beat. They were nice and thoroughly understand that this was a new experience for me. Since it was my first time there I parked some place near but it was … Continue reading

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Good Day At The Gym

Finally hit the gym on my own again.  Felt good although maybe I could have done more. Total time in there was about an hour, shorter than my usual 90 minutes to two hours, still I am looking to cut … Continue reading

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Interconnect Assembly is Done

Woohoo the interconnect Assembly is done!!! Here is a close up pic of it Here it is connected to a 16×2 LCD display as well as a Uno + Ethernet + Protoshield Stack I can retire from my workbench now … Continue reading

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