Recording Problems

Figured out why my recordings were not happening. Looks like I have too many splitters.

What is cool is that Silicon Dust HD Homerun has tools to show signal strength and quality

Signal going through multiple splitters
Signal with single splitter
Signal Direct No splitters

I think a distribution amp would help, if it does not work I will look at a better antenna or a preamp.

Weight is from this morning, but after my workout I did hit 320.

Weight: 322.0

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Problems with DVR and DVR

OK, that was weird, but I am having problems with the DVR systems connected to my NVR (Zoneminder) and also my Plex Server (DVR).

First the Camera system, my cameras have been reporting they are 1080N to the DVR, so a little bummed when I found out the 1080N means 1080×960 not 1920×1080. After a bit of trial and error, by setting the camera to TVI and using 1080N in the DVR and 1080P in Zoneminder it looks “OK”.

It was what it is, these DVR system do 1080P via IP not BNC.

Now for the harder problem Zoneminder.

Not sure when this happened but it seems like my DVR doesn’t like to record under certain cirumstances.

The first is when I have two devices that can do two channels each, I am supposed to be able to do 4 simultaneous recordings. I cap out at two.

The next is when I have back to back recordings, not sure why, but the second recording doesn’t happen.

But I did get a late clue, some of the TV signals were bad, I suspected different antennas not sure if that is true.

Weight: 321.4

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Decent Workout Today

First review with my PT, there are some measurable improvement, something about my skeletal muscle and my weight.

One thing that helped was keeping my BP down.

As an aside, here is a cool picture of the weather today

This is my night weight not my morning weight, but I recorded something.

Weight: 322.6

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New Cameras Up

Got some wifi cameras up and moved all my BNC cameras off the NVR and no streaming via ethernet.

Dlink DCS 2132L-ES

Above is the new IP cameras I have

Below is the DVR for the BNC cameras.

The smaller one on the bottom is the newer one.

Nice seeing my weight go down.

Weight: 320.6

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Yesterday Was An Ideal Day

Things worked out like how they were supposed to yesterday.

I had a good workout, also I had a great sleep.

Felt so good today, was a deep sleep with just melatonin.

Everything added up.

Going to post more tomorrow, but first batch of cameras installed, working on the next.

Weight: 321.0

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Fresh Start

Wow what a good workout today. Just the right balance of push and control to get a great endorphin feeling.

Been a long time since I felt like this.

After the workout, I cut my hair. My stylist, Anna, recognized me from an old haircut place I went to about a decade ago. Apparently she recognized me from running around Renton as well.

Weight: 321.6

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Starting To Eat Less

Not saying I am watching what I eat, I am saying I feel like I am eating less.

Need to figure out my true intake.

I think next week, I can start tracking my intake to bring down my weight.

Midnight snacking needs to stop though.

Weight: 323.4

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Inauguration 2021

It has come, was expecting more drama, but just a petty former president leaving.

I feel a LOT more hope with Biden then what I felt when Trump came in to office.

Thing is I was willing to give Trump a fair chance, I was willing to unite under him, but he proved to decisive for me. His score was the stock market, it did go up, but a lot of intangibles really went crashing down.

Had a good workout, hoping more to come. Next thing to work on is input. Maybe next week.

Weight: 324.6

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Upgrading Home Monitoring

Upgrading cameras and sensors around the home.

I would like things to be more reliable, but it would cost a lot more.

Got the first replacement IP camera, but it produces a lot of data and it is wireless. So it chews up a lot of wireless bandwidth. It may need its own AP.

Ordered some BNC ones, wired so should be OK. But need a hard drive for the system.

Weight: 322.4

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First Real Workout for Lifestyle 365

Wow, it was a great workout today.

Had my first one for Lifestyle 365, I got to see how fast I was going and my pulse.

Was burned out after the warm up run, but it was good.

Weight: 322.4

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