Back Home From PI 2019

What a blast.

Just got home after 26 hours of travel.

Too tired to post details, hopefully on Thursday I will have more to post on.

I thought I was going to come home to more email, but just got 2134 emails (2083 unread)

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Journey Home

It is 1:34AM in Capas Tarlac and in about 2 hours I begin the 24 hour journey from Capas to Renton.

It is still Monday in Renton, but it is Tuesday in the Philippines.

My next post and exercise will be in Washington.

It was a good vacation, but back to reality.

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Last Full Day

We hang out at the mall one last time before returning.

It has been a good trip.

Ready to head home but planning next one.

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Live Band

Last night went to Angeles with my buddy Doug to catch a live band.

Was fun, and got introduced to some songs.

Hit fields, it’s the red light district.

Not much to say in a PG rated blog.

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Vacation Coming to an end quickly

Time just flew.

As it usually does on vacation.

Got some good memories though.

At least it is no longer raising.

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Family Visit

Late Post

Visited family on my dad’s side today.

I did not know that we would be so close, less than 10k, from them.

I had to bring my kids to the area that my dad grew up.

What a memory.

That delay was good because it seemed the ride home was safer.

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Storm Came In Broke Plans

Apparently a storm was due in our area. Kind of ruined our plans.

Brutal winds last night.

It is Thursday as I post but still Wednesday at home.

Less than a week left.

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This Place is Awesome

Staying at a place called Vitalis Villas in Santiago.

Place exceeded my expectations.

As a bonus it is near where my dad grew up.

I would recommend this place.

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Headed out Early

Posting now, because it is 5:32 AM in Seattle.

Going to bed early because we will be headed out on a long road trip tomorrow.

Will not have time to post anything later anyway.

I want to post some pics, but been using my phone mostly.

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Still Struggling with Time

Trying to get my daily blog post in.

Hard when I try to calculate the time change.

It is 1:06 PM here as I post, but this should show as nearly 10pm the day before.

Also my workout and med schedules are screwed as well.

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