Downside of OTA

Luckily I watched the game, but frustrating that I had three sources recording, and they all were bad.

Two different antennas as well.

I should have gotten suspicious when I was watching on one TV and it was pixelated.

Went to the State Fair today, fun, but so bad for my diet.

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Frustrating Slow

I thought DoH would fix things, it did with DNS, but something is still slowing down other traffic.

It is super frustrating.

Not sure what is causing these slow network failed DNS issues.

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Using Cloudflare DoH

Finally figured out how to use cloudflares encrypted dns.

Got to admit it is kind of a hack, but it works.

OMG dunno what happened but it is flying now.

Internet seems fast.

Normally I go to the gym on Fridays, but been so busy at work. Got home late, no gym, but I was able to get fitbit goals.

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30 Minutes of Swim

Committing 30 minutes of swim a week is actually more like 90 minutes if you add travel time.

But I think it is working out. I like how working out in the morning gets it out of the way for the evening.

Brutal day though, so busy, exhausted.

Weight: 290.4

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9/11 Anniversary

Today is the 18th Anniversary of the attacks from terrorists in the US.

When I went to work I saw some first responders climbing some stairs.

I joined them for a couple of floors then did my own set with a coworker afterwards.

I think I will make this a tradition,

Did my fitbit goals finally.

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Didn’t Make My Fitbit Goals

Falling behind again in my training.

Feeling fat and slow.

Stairs still ok, but I could have done more to get my steps and stairs in for my fitbit.

Kind of just lazy.

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Online Voting Bias

So just finished watching a lip sync contest where you vote on Twitter live.

Wouldn’t voting be biased to the west coast.

Anyway worked from home today and ate something that made me nauseated. Wonder if I am lactose intolerant.

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New Bed Coming In

Finally ordered a new bed, got it from CostCo.

Should help with my back.

I consider the cost of the bed a health benefit in getting my back to normal.

Luckily we are in the position to be able to pay for it.

Also Seahawks first regular season game is here. They won.

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Interesting Day

Lot happened today

First thing was High School Cross Country, it started today. It was in Tahoma, haven’t seen a race there in 4 years.

Had a bar b q there after wards.

Went home to take a nap, went to go see Angel has Fallen.

During the movie the power went out cutting off the movie. First time ever happened to me.

When I got home, found couple machines down. Shows that my home is not as resilient. Thing is servers I care about a lot like the new T410 and my FreeNas server kept humming along.

What did go down which was bad was one of the main switches, I think it was just a bad UPS, or just old batteries.

Everything is back online now, once I found the bad UPS and powered it on (not sure how good the batteries are) the network came back up quickly.

Couple VMs for server did not have auto start configured correctly, so VMs did not come online correctly.

Also my MQTT server, I think it needs to be replaced.

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In A Good Place

Feeling great again, I have had been hopeful in the past, and I do feel hopeful, but the difference now is that there is not as bad of pain.

Those core exercises and sleeping on the futon is helping.

Worked out in gym today and I slowed my running down not because of pain but because of cramping.

Yesterday when I went to the pool, it was easier getting out, I used to struggle.

Also I think my non weight loss could be attributed to the steroidal inhaler I been taking.

Weight: 291.0

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