Monthly Archives: March 2019

Last Day of March

Closing in on some deadlines to get in to shape. Back still a struggle, but for sure getting better. But no where near where I should be.

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Son Went Biking

Today I was supposed to go biking, but had to settle for just watching my son. I ended up staying at the start point and making some cocoa. It was fun, I want to bike next time.

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Still Healing Back

Not much I can do but let my body heal. It will take time. The pain is not as brutal, and I feel stronger every day, but for sure I am in no way ready to work out.

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Two Factor Auth and QR Codes

Talk about going down a rabbit hole. Finally got to factor authentication going though ssh. As with trying new things, this had several challenges. One thing that I missed was that the method I found online requires an ssh key … Continue reading

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Sleeping On Hard Futon

Maybe my bed is the problem. So over the next few nights, I am going to sleep on a stiff futon on the floor. If my back gets better, going to immediately buy a new bed.

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Giving It One More Week

If back is not better in a week I am going back to Doctor. Still mixed bag, some hours I feel OK and others I can barely get up.

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New Firewall In Place

Got a the new pfSense firewall in place. Pretty sure the rules have not imported 100%. It was done manually. This was needed, our stuff is old. At least it is virtualized and I can go physical as well. Also … Continue reading

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Son Wants To Learn WordPress

My son asked me about wordpress today, looks like he wants to learn how to author a web site. I got a temp site going, and if he likes it, will try to encourage it.

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Captain Marvel

Had a date night today. Watched Captain Marvel. Was good Excited for Avengers Endgame

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Back Getting A Little Better

I feel like the improvements on my back is proceeding much slower. It feels a little better but not much different from yesterday. Went to look for a new bike and I knew I would not be able to even … Continue reading

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