Goals for 2021


  • 5k, just participate


  • Lose weight (down to 250)
  • More endurance (7 mile run) (lake Wa in 90 minutes)
  • More speed (6MPH) (RTC in 10min Long run in under hour)

Body Stuff

  • Better Dental Hygiene (Want to hear from dentist I improved)
  • Better Facial Hygiene (take care of skin and facial hair)
  • Better Sleep Hygiene (Bed by 11:30, up by 7AM)
  • Use tech to show metrics of weight loss (Fitbit, Mydaily plate)


  • Get Online store running
  • Take time out once a week to bring myself at peace.
  • Organize my projects (office, server room, workbench area)
  • Continue Simplify Network/Document Network
  • Custom Flash Drives