Vacation Summary

This was a good weekend, so I need to recap a bit.

Left Saturday and went up via Highway 2 to first stop off at Leavenworth. Ate some food there and did some shopping. Got to the hotel too late to get dinner, but did get some food from Safeway.

Sunday was our first full day there, kind of did not know what to do, in a small town like Chelan, the places close early. But we did start off the day with a margarita and a daiquiri. Got drunk and after walking town went to take a nap. We got dinner from the Hotel Restaurant, definitely overpaid.

Monday was the best, went hiking, casino (won $300), swimming in the pool, and had a great bar b que dinner from a wine tasting place.

Tuesday we packed up, always sad the day you have to return. Normal route was blocked by something, so took a longer route. Note to future self, if you gonna drink water, make sure you got a place to pee. Ate a huge dinner, and went to casino again, won about $26 better than losing.

With last night’s heavy dinner, I knew I was gonna be heavy. Note though after my workout I was under 330, but below is my morning weight. I did get my fitbit goals in, very close to the end, compressed into 2 hours.

As a final note, during this whole time I did not take ambien, got my fitbit goals in, and did not midnight snack.

Weight: 331.4

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