Why I Ran

So I had to reflect and understand why the heck I scheduled myself to run another 13.1 miles.

  • Did I have something to prove?
  • Maybe I am a little crazy
  • Did I need to beat last year’s time?
  • Maybe it was the desire to run with a new team.

I started this blog post the night before, I think I will answer the question tomorrow

I set the alarm for 3:15 and went to bed about 10PM, woke up a little sluggish, but I did wake up before the 3:15 at about 3:01AM

I just meandered around the house had some coffee and toast to get my mindset into the run.

One of my teammates called early asking for a ride.

Morning weight before run 257.0 doesn’t seem right.

We left the house at about 6AM, there was some pretty significant traffic.

To RnR2011 Start Line

To RnR2011 Start Line

Last year I had some time to reflect before it was my coral’s turn.

Awaiting Our Turn RNR2011

Awaiting Our Turn RNR2011

What a great run… my answer to above… the reason I did it was for the rush of emotion.  A half marathon is not easy, having people support you and to run with is great.

I did post a better time then last year


Rock N Roll 2011 Results

I recall having to weave around people and it certainly hurt my time.

Another thing that hurt was losing my headphones at the beginning of the race… so no music.  It made this run that much more mentally challenging.

Here is the gear I started out with

RnR2011 Packed Gear

RnR2011 Packed Gear

I think I would like to do this run again next year.  I would like to break the 2 hour mark.  Couple things have to happen, I have to train more and I have to lose weight, maybe bring it under 210lbs.

Weight: 251.6

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