Seafair Torchlight 2011

Today was the first time I ran a Seafair Torchlight run.  There was a 5k and an 8k event.



I opted to to run the 5k instead of the 8k because this was more a father and son run rather than a best time run

Seafair Chips

Seafair Timing Chips

My son did keep up with my for most of the race, there was point where he asked to go ahead and I said sure.

This forced me to push it more than I wanted due to my leg injury which not only  hampered me directly, but hurt my training for this run.  There was a downhill portion I normally would have run, but slowed down due to my injury.

Seafair Finish

Seafair 2011 Finish Line

But I did cross the finish line before my son did, not by much, there was a final hill and he said that slowed him down a lot.  That hill did slow me down as well but some anonymous person got me to keep going so I was able to finish in decent time.

Time: 32:43

This is my watch time which I pressed a few seconds after I crossed the finish so this is unofficial.  As of this blog post the times have not been posted online yet.

I did see my other kids after we crossed the finished and I was so happy to hear them express interest in running next year’s Torchlight.

Thanks to Karen, the deal she offered convinced me to sign up my son and I for this run.

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