PI Trip 2011 Recap

It was a fun trip, I am actually typing this on the plane trip home and will post this to the web page when I get home.
I arrived at PI Sep 15th in the middle of the day I checked in to the hotel and converted some cash into pesos.  I also got my Cellphone going so I could SMS while I was there.  In hindsight I should have done unlimited weekly rather than a load every other day or so.Late that night I was joined by my buddy Devron, we just went to Chow King to eat.  Not much night action.

On Friday we checked out the area and took some photo’s of the monuments around there and saw some  before checking out and heading to the airport for our flight to Boracay.
After an interesting journey we arrived at our hotel, checked in and had our first taste of nightlife.  We could not stay out too late because we were scuba diving the next day.
Saturday was my first taste of scuba diving.  At least I can say I did it, it was interesting and I would like to get better at it.
Nightlife was awesome, I think, I drank way too much and forgot what happened.

Sunday was good, took out a glass boat and went snorkling, nightlife was interesting because we went to a weird club called innsbrook.

Monday we packed and went back to Manila then went by land to Capas.
It was late then and we needed a break.

Tuesday we saw some land we had, did a speech in front of some grade school children, got some provisions and went to a chicken fight, lost all the games except the last one which was a draw.  We went to Coffee Academy that night to meet my niece and her friend which was turned out to be important.  Sigfried, my nieces friend became our guide throughout our nightlife trip in the PI.

Wednesday we went to the Bataan March Monument.  We also attempted to go to Mt Pinatubo which devasted the area, but we got lost.  At night we went back out.  The area we been hanging around is called Balibago.

Thursday we rented a van and went to Subic bay where we did a tour though a wildlife park.  I did a zipline for the first time.  That was fun.  At night we went to a dive of a bar was pretty sad, wish we did not go out.

Friday my buddy Devron returned to the United States.  Before his trip back to the airport  we caught my niece in a Beauty Pageant. Sigfried was not available afterwards to go out so I went out with my brother in law.  It was pretty boring.

Saturday was a little better, I took me nieces on a “date”, they had uber fun.  Most of them were of drinking age, but they all had fun.  We ended up at club bosa where we danced the night away.  I think it was a first for them, first to go out together and first time they are out so late, all on Uncle’s dime.

Sunday was my a little more shopping and did a massage, took out the fam to dinner.  I did go out with Sig and had a great time.

Monday was packing day, also got a mani and pedi.  That night went out for what supposed to be a quick trip.  I got my last halo halo and crispy pata.  But ended up staying to the last minute.

By then it was really close to leaving time for the airport.

Which brings us to today, the trip home was brutal starting off with a storm that knocked out power at the airport, so AC was down as well as some key systems like conveyor belts and escalators.  They storm did make for an interesting drive to the airport.

Then there was the delayed flight at the gate we were at, it put us at risk of missing the connecting flight to Seattle in Taipei.

We weren’t delayed because there was a gate change.

The Taipei layover was forever, 9 long hours.

The flight home was uncomfortable, it was on a 777, I don’t recall last time I was on a 777, the flight to the Philippines was on a 747.  But I did realize late that there was free movies to watch on our personsal  console in the headrest.  That sped up time a bit.

Got home, unpacked, was exhausted, took a nap then did some pushups and situps before finishing this blog post.

Tomorrow I will post plans moving forward.

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