Nice Day, Nice Run


Perfect day, ran Lake Washington in decent time.

Time: 1:23:54

Not a great time but way better than the run I did in early March on Lake Wa, over 10 minute improvement.

Endurance is my weakness not speed, the first half of Lake Was was under 40 minutes, (39:10), so if my math is right, then the second half was 44:54.

The way to fix it is to continue doing long runs and some weight loss will help.

A good thing today also is that I did not walk at all during this run, I did walk during the Seahawk 12k and my last Lake Wa run.

Finally spring is here, the weather is AWESOME.  Feeling cheery, but tired.  Will rest a bit then go for a family drive.

Kind of surprised with my weight, I thought I creeped back above 260.

Weight: 258.0

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