Longer Workouts

My workouts so far have been about 1/2 an hour, not including the Lake Washington runs of course.

But if I want to be in decent shape when I run the Rock and Roll Half or even closer, the Seattle 12k, I am going to have to increase my workout times by double to an hour.

Today I did that, almost, ran my first 2 lap of the year plus walked a lap thereafter, it took less than an hour but I think that may be the low bar.

Time: 28:43.57

That is for just the run not the walk.

Horrible time, but I need to start somewhere.

Also started thinking about a new project, a little device that can hack wireless networks… sounds cool.

But time is very tight nowadays.

This week I am switching my schedule around, usually I work from home Monday’s but tomorrow I will go to work, will attempt to do a dual workout there.  One of which will be walk around work, which is I think more than a mile.  Tuesday I will be just a run on the treadmill, the usual 1/2 hour run but will add another 1/2 hour walk, trying to target 3.5 miles  14 laps on that thing.  Wednesday on will be back to normal.

Finally weight is little sad, but still doable to be under 260 (or even closer to 250) by RnR 2013.

Weight: 284.0

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