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I am posting this on two blog sites, my personal one which has been going for several years now at

and my new one at

I am going to continue on with my long time blog (which I post daily) but whenever I post on myfitnesspal I will copy verbatim to my personal blog.

Anyway to all my new readers (not like there were many on my original blog) I started out at

And in the course of a year from June 2009 to June 2010 I went from barely able to run half a mile to finishing a half marathon.  It was an incredible journey filled with many challenges.  I posted daily and tried to track my weight and progress.  In a away the blog was keeping me in check so I do not slack off because I knew people were reading it.

After the year I changed to a new blog, one which still did some of my training, but also had some technical posts and reviews on it too.  It was certainly more appropriate because it touched more than fitness, also this was the next year, the original blog was to chronicle a year of training.

But it is now August 2013, I have gained a lot of the weight I lost, I can barely run a mile, and this year’s 1/2 marathon was the worst where it took me longer than 3 hours to run. So now I am giving myself another year, I am changing my workout, certainly trying to reincorporate the habits that made me successful.  Oh yeah, this time I signed up for a full marathon.

So here’s to a new start, a new year.   Honestly though, I feel like I am on a weight see saw I will never get off.

We’ll see how this year goes, wish me luck.

As for my workout today, ran 1 lap and walked one.


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