Broke 300!!!


I was able to crack 300 on the scale today, interestingly enough, I did work out hard, but I also limited my intake.

With that said, I think when I rehydrate the weight will come roaring back.   But for today it is nice know I cracked 300.

Weird, I thought being on the elliptical for 30 minutes would get me my “active minutes”  but I was only able to get 23 minutes.

Also I did run 1/2 a lap in the morning but my knees couldn’t hang in there, so I ended up walking, to save my legs for tomorrow’s run, I will attempt Lake Washington.

Weight: 299.8

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  1. Rick LaMont says:

    You motivated me to take up running again. I started with an easy 2 mile run on a high school track (8 laps) in about 26 minutes. My Garmin 610 running watch tracked everything perfectly.

    Fitbit, however, was not impressed. It said “3 active minutes” and indicated that I never left the high school parking lot (I left my phone in my car). This was the first time I had used the “Track your exercise” feature in the Fitbit app. Does it expect you to carry your smartphone when you run?

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