Base Training Kit

I finally got what I want as the base training kit.

Here are six of them.


Here are the contents

  • Power Supply 5v 2.1 Amp
  • USB Micros SD Cable 28/24AWG
  • Half Breadboard 400 Tie Point
  • Logic Level Converter 2 Channel
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • SD Card 8GB Class 4 with Raspian 2015-02-16
  • USB TTL CP2102
  • GPIO adapter to USB TTL Connector
  • Arduino Uno R3 with 28pin Atmega328P-PU
  • Protoboard with Wires soldered to 2 LED and switch, and Mini Broadboard Attached

Absolutely been busy today.

Did get a LOT done.  Not a real workout though.

Just doing pushups and situps.

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