Ebay IP Camera

I knew I was taking a chance when I purchased this camera from a Chinese Ebay seller

It cost me 35.50 with free shipping.

The Ethernet and DC barrel connector or ones a purchased prior.

The lens hood is junk, it cannot be adjusted at all, it is fixed.

Advertised with a whole bunch of specs

But not much documentation.

First off, I don’t trust these cameras on the Internet, so either I mess with it in a lab or testing environment or don’t give it direct Internet access.  I also don’t trust the software that comes with it.  But for now I have it in a lab for me to test.

When I put it in my lab I was able to identify the IP from the DHCP logs, there is a tool that sniffs the network for the camera, but the logs work for me.

I open up a browser and I am greeted with a Basic Auth login, username and password is admin admin.

I get a page in Chinese, simple click of English and I am fine.

The Setup software just downloads an executable, the documents (if you can call it that) that came with the package referenced a web site http://ipcam-cd.com/,

But the web page does have a settings.

There is a user section under advanced, so I could create my own accounts.

Also I disabled a bunch of stuff ONVIF, UNPNP, and the proprietary  Platform, most of all P2P.

I also installed the UPNP.

Because I want to access the camera without, the utilities provided and use stock RTSP and web access.

But I needed to know the URL to access the feeds.

I loaded up wireshark, installed the tools and did some sniffing.  Came across this string

Noticed a string hi3510, I googled it and came across this page


It gave me enough enough to access it

In short to grab a still image


To grab video via RTSP


I lot of work getting here but it is it.

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