Elgato HD60 Pro

Recall that my capture card has been KIA and it was sent out for repair.

Yesterday there was a sale on an Elgato HD60 Pro and I got an HDMI splitter as well.

First is the HDMI splitter, not to much special here, I like it cause it does not need a power supply.

There is a 5V port that is fed via Micro USB, but I am not sure if it does anything.

This was cheap, about $15 on sale.

Here is the magic though

This is a PCI-X card, not USB like my other two capture devices. Whatever device it was going into, it is staying in, so I set out building a dedicated rig for this.

Then I looked at the requirements, it was required a 2nd Gen Core i5 processor.

Although I do have machines like that around the house, they were all spoken for.

So I put it in my main gaming rig, kind of disappointed cause it could not move, but boy was I impressed.

After moving heaven and earth to pull out my rig I got the card installed.  The output was pretty self explanatory

But the specs of my mammoth computer, with a 1060 NVidia card, made for an incredibly smooth lagless experience.

It was so smooth, I could go full screen and not notice any jitter, delay or lag.  The interface allowed for commentary.  I don’t need a second laptop crowding my desk.


Also more expensive, retail it is $200 but it was on sale for $180 and is ABSOLUTELY worth it.

Final Note

The windows guys finally came back and finished the job.  Windows are replaced as well as the screen.  Noticed that the window is thick, 7/8″ is what I was told.

No comes the long process of paying these Windows off.

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