LinuxFest 2018 Summary

Back home from LinuxFest 2018.  Usually I feel a little sad and excited for next time, this time I am glad it is over.

The big reason was that I lost 3 weeks due to three different illnesses.

That was a lot to overcome, too much.

So I felt that I did not give my best effort.

The Good

  • Presentation itself was good, it was a blessing that it was on Sunday which I usually do not like.
  • Got to meet some new people in the leadership for Linuxfest, hopefully We can keep this up next year.
  • Not sure if this is good or bad, there were less cars in the parking lot, easier to park.
  • Counter to what I felt though, didn’t feel empty, and my session was full.
  • Of all the years I did a tutorial/workshop, I really liked this setup.
  • And my presentation was NEAR the robotics room.

The Bad

  • Maybe I am getting spoiled, but I really wish we dropped a bit more $$ for the nicer hotel.
  • I had to descope/cutback my plans.
  • The projector was flaky.

The Ugly

  • Totally unprepared for workshop Big reason #1 little content
  • Reason #2 need to really really consider new network.  I am thinking of scrapping what I got and just starting new
  • This is a big bummer, not sure how I am going to overcome this, but I barely sold anything this year.

I will chill outt, need to focus on other things (also need to downshift)

One thing that came out of LinuxFest was that the Robotics Instructor asked to collab with an IoT at home project.

Couple things to note next year

  • The network, really really needs to change.
  • Content content content content
  • Maybe not be so ambitious with things to sell.

Finally, kind of semi related (more of a healthy happy lifestyle thing)

I need to get healthier, things seemed heavier, bones were aching, and I thik I would have been better off without ambien.  Bringing CPAP was the right choice.


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