Odyssey Home

It was a journey home from Canada, we returned home in a Honda Odyssey which seemed appropriate.

First off we left later than usual, so of course when we get to the border, it is an hour wait.

The signs told us the Pacific Crossing was 60 minutes vs 80 minutes via Peace Arch.  What a lie.

We spend over 2 hours (130 minutes) in line, first off I chose the wrong lane, it was slow, slow slow.

Then as we got closer to the entry point, there was a broken down vehicle in front of us.

I finally switch lane, and just as we were passing the vehicle the tow truck moving it finally got out of the way.

Then as we get to the guard, they switch, halting me JUST as it was my turn.

FINALLY we thought we were on our way home.

Kids needed to use bathroom.

We needed to refuel

Traffic (8 at night)

Needed to pick up the dog,

Drop off a passenger

We started home at about 3:30PM got home about 9PM.

I think it was a record (in the wrong way).

I have a few more hours to eat what I want, but boy am I paying for it.

I was at the Richmond Night Market last night when I was posting, I have a hard time posting from my phone in those situations, so I will post yesterday’s run result now.

Weight gain not unexpected, but still pretty bummed.

Weight: 280.8

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