Plex on Windows

On the desktop, I tend to run Windows and on the Server side, I tend to run Linux.

So for the past few months I been running Plex on Linux.  But I read somewhere that plex runs better on Windows.

It has been less than 24 hours, but hate to admit it, but it does look like it.

I am wondering if the video capture card has some sort of firmware installed on it when I added the Windows driver.

I see it in other things like Wifi card and I did document it with this capture card I have.

So it is cool now, this physical box can simultaneously record 4 streams.

Also saw the physical therapist for the first time.  She does not think what I have is a sketal, more muscular, specifically core.

Good news, I can fix it with some stretches and workouts.

Weight: 269.8

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