And Suddenly It Was All Over

I was going to post more about my complete network build, but today I want to talk about something dear to me.

My daughters

So I rarely mention my kids in this blog post, and I don’t think I ever will mention their names. If you want go ahead and do a deep search on me, you will probably find their names easily.

Anyway, they are Seniors in High School in the State of Washington, and today Governor Inslee announced school is done for the 2019/2020 year. I feel bad for my daughters,

  • They will not have the Senior Prom
  • They will not have another shot at State in their respective sports (Tennis and Track) as Juniors they came so close.
  • I do not think they will walk to get their diploma, they sure do deserve it though.
  • They will not get a chance to have a proper closure with High School like other students in the past have had. I chance to get those yearbooks signed, to say goodbye to their fellow students, beloved teachers, and administrators that help them be who they are.

Life is full of trails and tribulations and the scars of disappointment and failure define you as much as the joy of reaching the top, you learn from both, both should be part of you.

I am tempted to say something snarky to ease the pain. But it is a lot for me right now, I been through worse, but what makes this especially painful is to see because my kids are feeling the brunt of it.

No one reads my blog, so these words will be lost in time, but if you my daughters ever come across this blog post know this

  • In 10 years you will have a reunion, you can have your prom then
  • You can still get good at Tennis and Track, the future students will need mentors.
  • There are still a lot of memories for me from High School, you certainly have a lot with me, remember the last one your family saw you on stage was the Multicultural Festival. Which if you did not know it, filled us with joy and amazement.
  • High School will not be closure with your friends, with today’s Social Media you will still get to enjoy each others growth.

Cheers my daughters, I love you so much.

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