GTX 1660 Installed

My GTX 1660 arrived, timing was good because I just finished memcheck.

Since I had three clean passes, and hit a decent 50 hour mark, I am calling it good and shut it down to install the video card.

Not gonna deny, I am a little bummed that transcoding on a K2200 vs the GTX1660 did not yield wider results. Statistically the results were identical with at least the 1660 being two and a half minute faster.

Software based encoding did take 2 nearly two hours and it looks like both hardware encoding will take just shy of 1 hour. Small samples show that quality may be better though.

Also did a bunch of stuff today, replaced my fans on my main rig, added the GTX1660, rebuild a Win 10 box for donation, even cleaned up and organized a bit.

Finally, I purchased minecraft java and installed the bedrock version I had as well.

Weight: 317.0

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