Getting Back Into Gym

It’s been a while since I worked out in the gym, specifically lifting weights.

I went in there today and it was a struggle.  I did warm up with a 15 minute run and it felt like nothing, I shot the speed up to 7 for the last 2 minutes and I was OK with it.

Then I hit the bench machine, that was tough, I did a low weight warm up, it seemed tougher then usual.  I then maxed it out, I made the 10 reps there but on the second set, I choked.

My right triceps started cramping up.  What an absolute clear sign that I was not ready to hit the weights yet.

Friday I will ease back in to it.

Next week Tuesday I will try to return to a normal workout but at a lower intensity.

I am happier with my weight.  Seems OK.

Weight: 254.4

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