Fun Weekend

I mentioned in the past few posts that I went swimming a lot, the reason is that over the weekend my family and I went to Great Wolf Lodge.

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge 2011

It was a great weekend, I had a blast, I needed to get away a bit.

I have to admit, I still have some PTSD from last year’s burglary, but I have the alrm system, I got the Camera’s I take better precautions.

Still had a blast.

The water park was the main attraction

Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

There was certainly a lot of physical activity chasing the gets, climbing up to the top of the water slides, and some swimming, I was exhausted at the end of each of those days.

Still I know I consumed more calories than I burned.

Another fun thing, and I wish I knew about this before we went was the Magiquest Quest and Adventures.  It was just as fun as the water park itself.

The reservations were pricey, we dropped over 800 just for reservations and another 500 for food, souvenirs, and other little things like locker rentals.

Kids are worth it, this was a surprise for them, we told them that we were going to Canada, and unleashed reality to them when we finally reached the resort.

We are so proud of them, they did well in school and my oldest actually got straight A’s for 2 quarters.

Another thing that made this happen was a bunch of side work.  It was all good because we had the money to do this.

Training for the next marathon has not started yet and I am still trying to heal my leg.  I do have the Seafair Torchlight this upcoming weekend.

I feel I don’t have to, but I am going to hit some pushups and situps today.

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