Surprising Run

I was surprised at my time today, I believe this is a record for the 2012 year for me.  Ran a four plus

Time: 48:46

That puts me under a 12 minute mile, but a long way  more to beat my all time (all time meaning since June 2009) of 43:09.

The four plus and yesterday’s 1 lap puts me at 5 miles so far for the week.   I need to get 15 more miles in 4 days though, because I am busy Saturday.

It is possible though, if I return to two a days.  I am thinking of doing two miles on the treadmill in the morning, then a four plus in the afternoon.  That is 12 miles in two days plus the 5 I already ran.

Then two on Thursday and Friday a piece.  Still doing some sort of workout Saturday, but the bulk of my training is tomorrow and Wednesday.

Would like to note that I did walk 2 laps, but they were not runs.  So my total distance today was over 6 miles.

I am bummed with my weight though, I think if I can bring it down to 243, I will totally rock during the Rock and Roll marathon.  I still can reach it, if I am doing 20 miles a week, and 2000 calories a day, with an increase to 25 miles a week in mid May, the math says I can be at 243 before the Marathon.

Couple interesting notes

The night before RnR 2011 I was 255, the day of Seattle 2011 but before the run I was 265.

So as far as weight goes, I am actually ahead.  Still want to be under 250 BEFORE RnR 2012

Weight: 261.6

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