Squeezing a Week

Squeezing in week of workout into 5 days is tough.

I prep’d my clothes and gym bag for an early workout.  I left the house at 6:40 and the buse came by at 6:47

Hit the gym about 7:30 and was out all showered up at 8:30.

Thought I would be all refreshed, I was beat even before my workday started.

It was an easy workout too (relative to my current shape), just 2 miles at a pokey 5.2MPH (average during the main run ended up being 5.1 on the machine but I ran 5.2 for 90% of the run)

I struggled through the day to stay awake.

During the day my wife said she wanted the hard drive replaced on her media PC so I went to frys to get one, then when I got home my son needed help with his school project.

I was beat when I went for my second run.  I did better than expected though, ran a four plus

Time: 51:46

Happy with my time considering how exhausted I was.

Tomorrow will be a similar day, hopefully without the tired feeling.

Weigh in was late, that was a happy surprised.

Weight: 259.6

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