Another Linuxfest

Just got back for Linuxfest 2012

Linuxfest 2012

Linuxfest 2012

It was not as fun as others in the past but I sure did learn some things.

The downer was the new registration process, I guess they want everyone to have badges now.

Learned about lean startups, border crossings, and saw an former coworker present.

My coworker was George Dyson, his presentation really got me focused, enjoyed it totally.

But other than technology, history interests me, and he presented on both.

After that we went and did our annual tulip festival, weather was no cooperative, but at least it did not rain, could have been more sunny though, I guess I will take that over rain.

When I got home, I helped my son with his project on alternative energy, his particular subject was hydroelectric.

Finally, I got my new LCD display, I got it wired for the most part but I am missing a variable resistor.

Didn’t get to run like I wanted, just pushups and situps.

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