Everything Crashed

Not everything, but felt like it, I am not sure why, but a bunch of servers, not all connected to the same UPS, went dark.

It started with a backend server that houses the mysql database and a ton of other services.  It went down.

It is important when you notice really quick when something goes down.  I went to reboot the server and then a bunch of other servers just went dark.  Not all, the common theme were they were near each other, but the circuit and power supplies were different, meaning they weren’t all on the same one.

I rebooted most of them, but the main one had something severely gone bad with it.  Not sure what, either mobo or CPU, I needed to get my servers backup quick.

Luckily I have a spare server, I simply moved the hard drives over and everything powered up.

I could have gotten back online a lot sooner, but I was hoping to get the hardware up and running sooner.  Not wasted time, a calculated risk.  Moving the VM’s to the new server meant I had to shutdown the dev VMs I had on there.

Anyway, this felt like a legit reason not to workout, I was truly in emergency IT mode.

Just doing pushups and situps.

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