Time + Money + Motivation

I lack all of that right now, and that is a huge problem.

Time – I am involved in so many things, work, my business, the STEAM stuff I am doing and trying to lose weight that I feel like I am succeeding at nothing.

Money – The investments in my STEAM program, the car repairs and the new car is weighing down on me.

Motivation – The shortage of the first two is killing this third trait I need.

BUT…. lets flip it over

Motivation – Need to find a boost here, either hope or a reboot, then I think I will be fine.

Money – Gathering the energy to get off my butt and work at what I need to will bring this in, I have invoices to submit and product to sell, they are not going to sell themselves, I need to get up and do it.

Time – I can gain time by increasing inefficiencies and plan more, the whole sharpen ax story I like to say.

Anyway, just doing pushups and situps.  Reboot will be November 1.

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