Keto Tryout

I didn’t realize it but a couple of days ago I hit the 60 day mark of my Keto diet.

I mentioned two months, tomorrow should make it official.  But I am not completely stopping my Keto experiment, just modifying it a bit.

What stays the same

  • Still not eating noodles, rice, and bread
  • No sugar drinks (just water, coffee, and tea)
  • Still watching what I eating
  • Exercising

What changes

  • Eating limited fruit

That is it.

One surprising thing today, I ran a 5k+ and was surprised I beat my time last week.

Time: 1:11.22

My best this year

I also forgot to note that while I was in Vegas, all the full days I was there I did 10000 steps per day.

Weight staying under 280lbs

Weight: 275.4

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