Getting Ready To Bring Server Online

Server itself is all ready, just got to prepare the location.

New Server In its final spot

One of the requirements I got for myself is to be able to move this server running from its location to outside of the server room.

Server outside of the room if it gets hot.

The inside of the server is where all the problems were all at.

Inside of the server.

The first problem (which leads to the biggest problem) was the current raid card, it was some S300 windows only RAID card.

Luckily I found a great deal on a H310 card which was perfect for ESXi, as a bonus I got some SFF-8086 cables.

But the big problem was not the data cables to the drive it was the power. There was a lot of trial and error to get the cable. Finally was able to find the right pieces and make one.

That cable was easy to make, hard to figure out what I needed.

Another problem was the drive caddies, it came with rails, I found a place and ordered 10 and they only sent 4, I asked for the other four, but by chance found a local supplier that was even cheaper for a dollar each. Wish he offered a refund rather than product.

Standard Dell Hard Drive Caddies.

Next up was the CPU, it was a single Xeon E5607, I found a pair of Xeon E5649, more cores, faster, and dual socket, for a total of 21.99 which included shipping and taxes.

Unfortunately, the CPU heat sink was $76.99

That was shocking.

While I am here I will add that the RAM, 128GB was nearly $200, but I knew it going in so I was not surprised.

Finally the idrac.

I ordered what I thought was the idrac, unfortunately you needed an idrac express controller card as well.

Need idrac and idrac express

The first one I ordered was a dud, I thought I installed it wrong, I ordered another one from another vendor and it worked.

But all in all, server is done. Server room looks better, and I have a plan if it gets too hot in there.

Didn’t work out, worked at home and in server room, also Seahawks played first preseason game.

They won, so did I against the challenges of this server

Weird thing is I got so busy I did not eat, weight dropped to 288.0 but official is…

Weight: 292.2

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