Server Room Refit 2019

Kind of done with my server room refit.

Here are some pics, need to clean up a bit, hopefully I censored what needs to be censored.

Door to the Server – Keep Open

Room is still hot, always will be.

Here is the counter top

New Dell T410 is up and serving VMs, also I replace the case of one of my servers from an old beige one to a modern black one.

Server Room Back Room

Here are the other towers I have in the server room. I think I can turn off one of them. also note the last of the beige boxes on the right.

New Rack

The new rack is much cleaner than the old rack. I am working so I can power off three of the four servers racked in here and only turn them on when learning. That should bring down the heat.

Old Rack – You Served Well

Here is the old DIY rack. Cheap to build, and more U’s, but hard to work with.

Connect Via Comcast

The picture is actually to show that the device to power it on and off is connected.

Functionally I am done, just need to dust and clean off the cobwebs.

I did hit my fitbit goals today.

Weight: 291.0

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