Three Down One to Go

I have shutdown 3 machines and replaced it with 1, this one was the easiest to move over, it just worked. Thank you Linux.

Add another 70Watts saved for a total of the 300 watts mentioned yesterday.

Got one more to shutdown but it is going to be more tricky, a lot of services run on it. I have a machine built and need to do the transfer. I should pull the trigger this weekend.

This server has capacity to spare, still have 1 AHCI 2.5″ and 3 SAS3 2.5″ available. Still waiting on a cable and RAM, but not struggling for it. When that comes in, I will have capacity for 4 more SAS2 (I think) 3.5″ drives external.

Not that I am starving for storage space either. I got an easy 14+TB of storage and over 2TB of it is SSD.

Only using 2% of CPU and 54% of the 128GB of RAM. Next week another 64GB is coming in, so a lot of breathing room.

Going to spend some time cleaning up cables, making it picture worthy.

Still no 12k steps I may try tomorrow.

Weight: 313.0

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