Interesting Day

Lot happened today

First thing was High School Cross Country, it started today. It was in Tahoma, haven’t seen a race there in 4 years.

Had a bar b q there after wards.

Went home to take a nap, went to go see Angel has Fallen.

During the movie the power went out cutting off the movie. First time ever happened to me.

When I got home, found couple machines down. Shows that my home is not as resilient. Thing is servers I care about a lot like the new T410 and my FreeNas server kept humming along.

What did go down which was bad was one of the main switches, I think it was just a bad UPS, or just old batteries.

Everything is back online now, once I found the bad UPS and powered it on (not sure how good the batteries are) the network came back up quickly.

Couple VMs for server did not have auto start configured correctly, so VMs did not come online correctly.

Also my MQTT server, I think it needs to be replaced.

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